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EIN Credit Profile Benefits

Imagine having the ability to access a good $50,000 for your business.

Your success in business is based on your business credit profile and score.

With a good business credit profile, you will have near unlimited borrowing power. Without a good business credit profile, it will be a difficult path to success with no access to working capital and funding. This is why almost all Fortune 500 companies use their business credit to secure funding.

It’s not that they need the money to operate.

Successful companies use funding as leverage to grow their business.

Business Credit is the best kept secret in business. Over 90% of all business owners know nothing about it or business credit scores. But when you discover what business credit can do for you and your business, you will be floored at how easy it is to get money and grow your business.

With a strong business credit profile, lenders will lend you money based on your business credit, not personal credit. This is excellent if you have personal credit issues as you can still qualify for funding. Even with exceptional personal credit, business credit gives you DOUBLE the borrowing power. You can get approval for much more money with your business credit than if you used your personal credit to qualify.

Another great benefit of business credit is you may not need to provide a personal guarantee for some of the funding you get. This means you can get approval with no personal liability. So, if you ever default, the creditor can’t pursue personal assets like your home or personal bank accounts.

Business credit adds more value to your business and gives your business credibility. Stakeholders, partners, lenders, even potential buyers of your business will see more value in your business if you have a strong business credit profile.

Most important: by having a good business credit profile built you have security. It is much easier to run your business when working capital is easy to come by.

About the Author – John Piazza Norton is the CEO of Novatke Business Credit

At Novatke Business Credit, he identifies the best candidates to help and assists those business owners establish excellent business credit scores. Then, the plan is to leverage those scores to access cash and credit for their businesses. Mr. Norton is also the mastermind behind the release of the exclusive Business Funding Suite. The Business Credit and Funding Suite is the leading business cash and credit access system in the world today.

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